A quick post from the road.

http://gabrielaembon.com/life-coach-certificatiin/ We have successfully made our way from Fairbanks to Johnson’s Crossing (Yukon Canada). Both phone and web service is limited, so although there is not a lot to post I thought I’d take a moment and bring everyone up to date. Hopefully the worst roads are behind us. The poor jeep is covered in mud from the front bumper to the rear. The motorhome is only a little better. Most of the campsites post big DO NOT WASH VEHICLES signs so, everything remains nasty. The views along the road are still wonderful.


orlistat 120 mg price in india Our campsite last night was unexpected and very nice. The amenities were very limited, no sewer, only 15 amp service (we normally use 50) and weak water pressure, uneven sites, but the location!


The water was actually the color in the first photo. The glaciers provide most of the water in the lake and cause the teal color. The boys thought it looked like the Bahamas’. As always, where there is water, Christian will be fishing. Sebastian will be looking for rocks.


The wind blowing of the glaciers was cold, and the fish weren’t really biting but all in all it was a fantastic stop. Today the campsite is not quite breathtaking but rumor has it they bake up a world famous cinnamon bun.


Looks like its true, cinnamon buns, scones and apple turnovers. They were running a little late getting them out because the propane truck had yet to deliver and the ovens could not be fired up. Lucky for us, the propane arrived at the campground just as we did and a couple of hours later the bakery was open for business. They tasted as good as they look.



I don’t have much, if anything to say. Although, the other day, I learned to skip rocks. Like I said, I have absolutely nothing to say. Thanks for your time!


Today I haven’t done much, but I do have a couple things to say. First I am challenging Allen, yesterday I did 100 push ups and then one push up with Sebastian on top of me. So, allen can you match me. And I can prove it, it hurts in my armpits, my bottom abs, my arms, my ribs, and all of my chest. And the second thing I would like to say is thank you Momma for re-decorating my room. And the last thing I am going to say is that the fish you see is a Arctic Grayling and I caught it on my second cast out ,and we are on our way back home and we will be back in 13 days. Yea cant wait. so bye.        😛   bye   🙂

One thought on “A quick post from the road.

  1. Allen

    Christian: wow, 100 push ups. Impressive. You’ll definitely be able to show the team a thing or two when you get home. I’m a bit out of shape but I never back down from a challenge, so I guess I better start brushing up.

    Sebastian: are there a lot of good skipping stones up there? What’s the highest number of skips you’ve made so far?


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