Just North of San Francisco

source site After we left Seattle it was our intent to travel at a fairly brisk pace to reach San Francisco as soon as possible. First off there is a lot to do in the area, and secondly we have reservations for a night ghost tour of Alcatraz. I called the tour operator to see if we could push the reservation a week (and take our time getting to San Francisco) only to be told that the next available slot was September. So, down to the bay area we went. We made very good time and it looked like we could get into San Francisco a full day early. Most of the campgrounds we have camped at on this adventure we have simply showed up and they have had space available. The next campground is in San Francisco itself and I was a little unwilling to tackle that traffic AND take the chance there was no space available. So, I called Candlestick RV Resort and was informed that they were overbook for the night. It seems Sir Paul McCartney decided to have his ” Out There” concert at Candlestick Park directly across the street from the campgrounds on the very evening I was attempting to get in! Needless to say, I’ve called his press agent to let them know how I feel about this inconvenience but have yet to receive a call back.

UK medication Proscalpin isotretinoin buy online The drive down was beautiful!

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As we were working our way up through the mountains the fog became quite thick.

Going            Going                                  Gone!



As we worked our way down the other side of the mountains the fog began to lift only to be replaced by smoke from the fires!



The rest of the trip was uneventful and we are now about an hour and a half from our San Francisco campground.

The picture below is a personal request from Sebastian back in Florida. Kelley and the boys are watching Bryan’s boxer for a while and he would like to share the picture with everyone.


As Sebe would say, “Thank you for your time”!


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