Yosemite was breathtaking.

follow We’ve arrived in central California having spent the last couple of days wandering around Yosemite National Park. The park is expansive and really needed more than a couple of days to do it justice, but Peggy and I are just about Parked Out! Many of the sights are only accessible by quite a hike. We did a couple but drove the Jeep to the others.


buy cheap viagra online australia The entrance to Yosemite, El Capitan and some mountain behind her.



El Capitan by itself.


Half Dome as viewed from Glacier point.



This is the switch-back road up to Glacier point. The edges are unforgiving and the incline remarkably steep. Sarge (the Jeep) was fantastic! Quick and light he handled the road like a champ.





The old man, and a waterfall. Half Dome can be seen in the distance.



AND then there was the adventure of our trip down from our campsight in-route to our next destination…. Sequoia National Forest. To get an understanding of the road, take a look at the GPS shot Peggy took. A motorhome nearly 40 feet long, towing a Jeep, really had to work to make it around some of the VERY tight turns. Now, this was the trip up, it was difficult and taxing but uneventful. The trip DOWN, on the other hand, was a different story.



About 1/4 of the way back down the mountain the check engine light came on the motorhome and it would not rev above 2000 RPM. Going down hill, that was not much of a problem, but anytime there was an incline in the road the motorhome was climbing at about 10 MPH. There were turnouts available to let other vehicles pass, but I was somewhat concerned as to whether I could get going again if I stopped. The last time the motorhome had behaved in this way, it had been a fuel filter and I had the mechanic who replaced it give me a tutorial on the process. So as soon as I worked up the courage, I pulled over at a turnout and attempted the repair. I had a new filter, a bottle of diesel to prime the filter and the tools. I said a quick prayer to be granted the talent and attempted to replaced the filter. Success! The engine started on the first attempt there were no leaks on the filter and he ran smoothly. Ran smoothly up until I attempted to rev it above 2000 RPM! Son of A………, the fuel filter was NOT the problem. Our cell phones had zero bars and although one kind soul in a Ford “Power” something had pulled over to tell me he would’ve helped if I was driving a real truck, we were on our own. SO…………..down the mountain we went. Hauling butt down hill and crawling back up. We safely arrived in a little ghost town called Coulterville. I walked up the street into the Post Office and asked the nice lady working the counter if there were any diesel mechanics in town. She dialed up Chris and asked him if he was working today. Luckily Chris was “working” and after a couple of questions on the phone he advised that the engine was in “Limp” mode (an apt description) and for a small sum he would clear the codes to allow me to Un-Limp into a Chevy dealer.


Chris turned out to be great. He reset the computer and it didn’t take. Some work under the hood reveled the “Absolute Manifold Pressure Sensor” had come unplugged due to a broken plug. I produced a Zip tie and we locked it into place. Chris remarked that I seemed to be properly equipped with all the tools necessary for most on the road repairs. I told him I was equipped with everything except talent. After that the motorhome ran flawlessly and we arrived safely just outside Sequoia National Forest.

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  1. Kelley

    So your Griswald family vacation continues, even without the boys i see! Glad you got it fixed!! You will be able to open your own motorhome repair service by the time you get back!!


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