Busted Flat in A….B….Q, verse 2

http://lytesystems.com/oxy_testimonial/sam-due-jr/ There has been a lot of road between our first visit to Albuquerque and our recent  visit.  As you can recall we lost the two slide toppers and decided to leave them in Albuquerque and continue the trip and have them replaced when we passed through Albuquerque again. We arrived in Albuquerque on on Monday Sept. 1, 2014. The RV Store was closed so we spent the night at the KOA just across the street. Rising early the next morning I went out to unhook the rig and get us on the way. Peggy came out and asked me “What is that giant oil spill under the motorhome?”  Looking, I then said ” That’s not oil, it must be water from the AC. Peggy (Or as I know her “Our Lady of The Worst News Ever!”) then said, “no its oil from the engine, we have to replace the engine. Thats just GREAT!” Of course, I then stuck my finger into it and found she was indeed WRONG, it was hydraulic fluid…..crap. As I brought in the large wing, the pump had spilled its guts all over the ground.  Good news was it held out till Albuquerque and we were on our way to the RV repair shop.

source url While we waited for the repairs, we had a great visit in Albuquerque. Mom had a get together at her house and we got to catch up on news and the adorable nieces.

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The New Mexico State Fair had just opened so off we went for the sights and of course, Navajo Fry Bread and Navajo Tacos. Could these two little guys be more adorable?

IMG_0454        IMG_0458

Great indian oven, and if anyone knows where I can purchase this dinosaur costume, let me know. I’ve got great plans for Halloween.

IMG_0452   IMG_0459


A quick trip over to my sister Carol’s new house. Very cute!


Finally, at the Fair, the New Mexico DOT had a simulator for driving a semi, Peggy not only had fun, she did a really good job. I prefer to not talk about my performance.


In the end it took 2 weeks to get the motorhome fixed and cost a little over $3000.00. Got to hurry home and put Peggy to work paying off these credit cards!

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